THE RESIDENTS is devoted to design that is resourceful, sustainable, innovative, and inspirational.

By selecting objects that we feel passionate about, we become attached to them, making them fragments of our history, to be cared for and handed down. We believe in the power of consumers to make choices that  better  the world through purchasing design that is thoughtful, functional and well-crafted. We pride ourselves in offering products that celebrate the makers, respect the sourcing of materials and will have enduring value to the collectors. 

We value the people who imagine and produce these designs and work to communicate their stories. The design we represent supports the communities in which it is produced, enriching the lives of its producers and collectors. 


Claudia Mahecha

After studying branding at Brunel University, London and receiving a degree in industrial design from San Francisco State, Claudia began working as account manager and designer for the San Francisco-based, modern European furniture showroom, Limn and later with Nassir Kassamali at Luminaire. While there, Claudia became sought after as an interior designer  and in 2005 established her own interior design practice, Claudia Mahecha Design. In 2012, she was named 'Best Interior Designer in San Francisco' by San Francisco Magazine.

After years spent working for companies which gave her exposure to award-winning international design, she was inspired to create a studio environment to bring European design to the Bay Area. Working now on as a consultant and a resource she works to promote design through media and web to a broader audience.