All of the manufacturers we represent were carefully chosen for their adherence to the strictest environmental and safety standards. Our European manufacturers celebrate their makers, respect the sourcing of materials and create products with enduring value to the collectors.



 Fredericia produces high quality, architect-designed furniture that is made to last. Many of their furniture pieces are renowned for being handed down from generation to generation. Fundamental demands on quality give their furniture a built-in viability.

From their mission statement:

"We would rather produce one good piece of furniture made to last than two pieces that will not survive a lifetime."

Fredericia's dedication to reducing their environmental impact is also forefront throughout their mission statement:

"We take the environmental aspect seriously by improving all stages of production–from the raw materials to packaging.

Among the measures we will introduce are reducing our energy consumption, and removing all hazardous substances from materials and processes to the extent that technology and our quality levels permit. 

We want to know the origin of our raw timber, leather and hides, and ensure that our suppliers have documented environmental management systems in place."





Almost all furniture in ASPLUND Collection is made to order in factories in Tibro and Skillingaryd in Sweden, where several steps in the production are done by hand. ASPLUND is deeply engaged in the processes, from sketches to the finished products, and often customizes items to meet individual clients’ needs and preferences. 

By producing our furniture in Sweden we support our local industry and the skilled craftsmen, as well as we ensure ethic and environmentally friendly production. Only carefully selected, mostly natural and durable materials are used. Natural materials often require a bit of love and care, but in return, they age beautifully and last a lifetime.

For 20 years, Asplund’s carpets have been made by hand, in a small family-owned factory in India. It is a factory that cares deeply for its employees and their families. Here, wool is spun into yarn, dyed in a boiling pot, and then tufted, knotted or woven into beautiful carpets, using the finest techniques. “Throughout the years, the factory has delivered an unprecedented quality,” says Michael Asplund. Asplund’s carpets are made of materials like fine silk and high quality New Zealand Wool, which is rich in natural fats that give the carpets a natural lustre while also providing good protection against stains.




Since 1995 e15 has been manufacturing furniture in the upper segment of the market with modern und timeless design, specially selected materials and highest manufacturing quality being the most important characteristics of the brand. For e15, the focus lies on longevity of the products which the company ensures by using traditional manufacturing methods in specialised workshops.

The company’s most important principles are the production of long-lasting, timeless and high-quality design furniture made from sustainably produced high quality materials. The company politics consciously focuses on the principles of sustainability and a sensible environmental protection. The production cycle of e15 furniture, from the design to the delivery of the product to the customer is carried out in line with environmentally relevant laws and standards. Further, e15 supports and calls for a strong environmental awareness from its employees.

All materials used by e15 for its furniture are recyclable. Sustainability, human and environmental tolerance as well as degradability are all decisive factors for the choice of materials used for e15 furniture (wood, MDF, plywood, foam, leather, fabric, steel, high grade metals and glass). For e15’s solid wood furniture only PEFC certified European oak and walnut wood from sustainable forestry is used. The in e15 furniture utilised fabrics and leather are obtained from selected suppliers, who can verify a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

For the production of e15 furniture centuries-old craft knowledge and expertise is used, supported and sustained. The production of the individually made pieces takes place in Germany and Austria. For the extensive e15 furniture collection e15 works with specialised workshops. For the production of its furniture, e15 places great importance on energy efficient machines and the use of sustainable energy sources. Here basic EU rules of air and water filtering and cleaning are obeyed by and the use and emission of poisonous chemicals is avoided. For the treatment of all furniture surfaces, e15 uses natural and environmentally friendly agents, which do not contain any poisonous gases or ingredients but are tolerable for humans and the environment.