"My work is all about how we consume. To me it’s important to know where things come from. Generally our products today are so cheap, you know there’s something wrong. Things are not made in a good way. I want to make things that are. I want to make the story behind products visible."

 Christien Meindertsma  explores the life of products and raw materials. With her designs she aims to regain understanding of processes that have become distant in industrialization. A graduate of the Eindhoven Design Academy as of 2003, Meindertsma developed her first book, Checked Baggage (2004), and went on to publish PIG 05049 (2007), an extensive collection of photographs linking products back to the pig they came from.  She was invited to speak for TED Talks about this concept of revealing lines that link raw materials with producers, products and consumers that have become invisible in an increasingly globalized world. Her work on the Texelaar ottoman and Aran rug further develops this idea by tracing wool back to a singe sheep, creating reform in the Netherlands to help the mutton industry find ways to sell wool, a valuable renewable resource.

Her work has been exhibited in New York at the MoMA and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum. For her book PIG 05049 she won three Dutch design wards in 2008, as well as the Index Award in 2009.